Finding the right person for the job can often be a minefield for customers – how do you know they will do a good job?

While there is a lot of regulation of the airconditioning and refrigeration industry, unqualified tradies or those that like to cut corners to save dollars still manage to go undetected. 

While saving money and going with a cheaper option may seem tempting, unfortunately you get what you pay for. This saving may cost you more in the long run when the work needs to be repaired or redone. 

Do your own research

So how can you protect yourself and your investment from someone looking to make a quick buck?

One of the easiest ways is to ask for referrals – from friends, neighbours, colleagues and online.

Have a look at the companies website – does it feature their work and testimonials for clients? How many brands do they work with? Do they have any special licences?

Talk to your contractor

Speak to your potential contractor to see how willing they are to work with you. Are they interested in working with you to provide a solution and a product to suit your needs? Or do they want to deliver and install one particular brand or unit? Some companies may take kickbacks from suppliers and could be suggesting them whether they are suitable for you or not. 

Ask questions about your contractor’s experience – how long they have worked in the industry and what other projects they have done that you may know. 

Check on qualifications and licencing

All tradesman working in airconditioning and refrigeration should hold current qualifications and licences. These should include a trade qualification such as a Certificate 3 in Refrigeration and Airconditioning, as well as a registration with the ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council). 

Check to see if there are additional licences such as a QBCC (Queensland Building Construction Commission) Design Licence. These come in limited and unlimited, with an online check available at the QBCC website.

Do they back their work?

A good contractor will back their workmanship by offering maintenance programs or by providing peace of mind when it comes to repairs. Ask your contractor what their policy is if there is a breakdown and how they will look after you. 

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