Just like your business is unique, so too are your airconditioning and refrigeration needs. That’s why Cooltech holds the necessary licences to custom-design a system to suit your requirements. 

What is a QBCC design licence?

Not all airconditioning and refrigeration units available will suit every need. When it comes to a commercial business, you may need something tailored to suit your specific requirements. 

With a QBCC design licence, technicians use their expertise in airconditioning and refrigeration to create a custom-designed plan. 

There are two variations of the licence – limited and unlimited.

What is the difference between QBCC limited and unlimited design licence?

Both licences allow technicians to design a system; however, limited licences are suited to smaller-scale projects and have restrictions, whereas unlimited licences suit large plans.

Limited Design licences allow the design of airconditioning, mechanical ventilation and air handling systems for buildings

  • Not more than three storeys
  • Floor area not more than 2000sq m
  • Plant capacity for any single system is not more than 34kW
  • That is not part of a fire or smoke hazard management system for the building

Benefits of a QBCC unlimited design licence

Cooltech holds a QBCC unlimited design licence, which means we can design any size of the system. We can develop projects smaller projects that fall under the criteria of a limited licence, but we can also create units for larger businesses that fall outside these criteria.

Our unlimited design licence enables us to work with many clients to deliver customised options in airconditioning and refrigeration to suit their specific needs.

This may mean working to achieve a desired outcome, working around the space available or simply working to a set budget.

Speak to our friendly staff who can provide more information about how we can work to deliver what you need.